Monday, March 5, 2012

Clixsense (Step by Step)

My latest payment from Clixsense!

Step 1: Join Clixsense

If you are having a problem signing up to Clixsense. Just follow this : Tools>Clear Recent History>Everything>Ok  

You need to click the Sign Up Button on TOP RIGHT CORNER as SHOWN ABOVE 

Step 2

Note: Paypal email: Email address which you used to register with paypal

After you clicked the CREATE ACCOUNT BUTTON. A web page will load up and it will tell you that Clixsense has sent you a confirmation email. So check your contact email address and check for the email from Clixsense. If you don’t find it in the inbox then check the junk/spam folder. If after a minute the email hasn’t arrived. Try resending the email or Try check your email correctly. Once you locate the email, open it and click on the activation link (which will be stated) and it will navigate directly to the Clixsense.

Step 3

Now go to the home page and then hover  the Sign In button at the top and fill out your username and password. As shown above

Step 4

After signing in, Go to View Ads. 

Click on any of the ads. You’ll receive between $0.001 to $0.02. I know you’re thinking one cent is nothing, but this isn’t where the real money comes in so be patient. Everything will be clear in the later part of this guide so make sure you stay focused!

A new web page will open when you click the ad. Don’t click on another ad, and stay on that page. Click the CAT with the correct image as shown in the example below:

Step 5

Once you clicked an ads. You'll see that picture above on your ads(As shown above). This is just to prove that you are a human and not a cheat machine(Robot/Autoclicker)

                        If you clicked the CAT Correctly. The timer will start. Mostly 3-15-30 sec. Don't close until the timer is not yet finished. If the timer is finished. You'll see "Your click has been Validated". As shown below:

If you see that(As shown above). You may now close the ads. That's it! Now do the same all the other ads. Make sure you'll always checked your clixsense account. There will be more ads at different time a day.

Step 6

If you clicked all the ads. Go to upper part of your site beside your username. I'am 100% sure a NARROW MINDED person will disappoint on his/her first day earning. Because his/her not looking the BIG PICTURE(Future). If you do this Everyday while doing facebook or playing online games(How many years you've been in facebook but did you already earned even a signle penny). I'am 100% sure  you can make profits doing nothing. And friend, this is not the full potential of PTC(Paid to Click). I'll teach you for FREE on how to make atleast $10-$30 a day doing this business. Always visit my site for update. If you have a patience, dedication & hardwork you'll succeed here.