Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Migrate to Profitclicking from Justbeenpaid : In 3 EASY STEPS!

If you are existing members of Justbeenpaid. You dont need to create a new account in Profitclicking. Just simply follow these 3 easy steps.

Here's How:

FIRST. Go to Profitclicking and Log in your justbeenpaid member's ID and your password. In case you forgot your member's ID. Just click "forgot password" and follow the instruction.

SECOND. Read the NEW Terms & Conditions. You need to accept the NEW TOS to be able to proceed next. If you are agree with their TOS, enter the code and proceed.

THIRD. Update your personal details. (If you are in the Philippines. Choose (GMT +08:00) Asia/ Hongkong) on your timezone)
* - means required

You're done. You may now log in your account & start again earning money in Profitclicking. By the way, you should know some changes in Profitclicking :

1. Mr. Frederick Mann are no longer the owner of Profitclicking. Actually Profitclicking acquired Justbeenpaid. The new owners of Profitclicking are still unknown. 

2. Ad Package for JSS Tripler Position
    PC Panel for Matrix
    Restart for Profitshift
    Wallet for Funding.
3. Payza is back. Yes, you heard it right. Since profitclicking is NOT a HYIP's site which Payza does not liked. Profitclicking is an advertising website.

4. You earn $0.20 on weekdays & $0.10 on weekends, respectively.

5. It's now 88 days before it expires your ad package.

6. You need now to view at least a minimum of 3 ads everyday to be able to receive your daily earnings. In case, you can't view ads everyday. View more than 3 ads everyday to have reserved website views (which expires in 45 days). To view ads, go to your dashboard and find traffic exchange then click view ads.

About your old JSS Tripler position. Yes, they are still paying your old position. But you earn $0.10 weekdays and $0.05 on weekends. Why?? What happened? Ok. Keep calm. That's why they do that because to longer the days for the next Profitshift (Restart). You still earn $15 or 150% before it expires.